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4450 TG
Size: 3.7"
Price: $7.00

The 4450th Tac Grp exisited in secrecy from 1983 until 1989 when it was redesignated the 37 TFW and made public at the secret base of Tonopah Test Range, NV. This version was unofficial in conception but was widely used by contractor support folks.

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"A" Squadron 'Nightstalkers'
Size: 3.5"
Price: $7.00

The first squadron formed at Tonopah in 1983, this unit was redesignated the 415 TFS in 1989.

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4450th TG MARS
Size: 3.75"
Price: $9.00

4450th Materials Application Repair Section (M.A.R.S.) was the unit responsible for maintaining the RAM on the early F-117's. For more details on this and other F-117 patches check out a great book, "Nighthawks" by Allen Blazek available through Schiffer publications.