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56 FW
Size: 3 1/4"
Price: $6.00

The 56th Fighter Wing was previously the F-16 training unit at McDill AFB, now it is the AETC F-16 training wing at Luke AFB. Units melded from the 58th to create a Mega-Wing of F-16's. Previous versions of the 56th TTW are available.

405 TTW Gaggle
Size: 4"
Price: $8.00

The small gaggle used on the F-15 side of the house at Luke just prior to surrendering Phoenix to the Vipers and closing the 405th.


310 TFTS Bird version
Size: 3.2"
Price: $9.00

Bird version of the Luke-based 310th TFTS. Unit was flying the F-4 when this patch was in use.


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311 FS Peace Carvin
Size: 4"
Price: $6.00

The 311th FS was the first foreign military sales (Peace Carvin) F-16 training squadron at Luke, role changed to the 425th and now to the 428th at Cannon under PC III.

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314 FS
Size: 3 1/2"
Price: $6.00

The 314th FS was the 314 TFTS at Luke under the 58th TFTW/TTW, was one of the hordes of F-16 training squadrons under the 56th FW at Luke.

peace2.jpg (8749 bytes)

425 FS Peacecarvin II
Size: 4"
Price: $7.00

The 425th took the overseas training (PC) from the 311th and started PC II. Now at Cannon doing PC III with the 428th FS.

550 FS F-15E
Size: 4"
Price: $8.00

The 550th designation came and went at Luke as both an F-15A/C and F-15E training squadron. This is the second unit to create a squadron- specific F-15E patch in the late-80's and early 90's.