127FW.jpg (12288 bytes) 127 FW
Size: 3"
Price: $6.00

The new 127 FW version for MI ANG at Selfridge. Previous version was in latin.

124wing.jpg (12288 bytes) 124th Wing
Size: 3.5"
Price: $6.00

Current Version of the 124th Wing at Boise. Unit flies the A-10 and the C-130 for the Idaho ANG.

190thnvg.jpg (12288 bytes) 190 FS A-10 1000/2000 Hours
Size: 4"
Price: $8.00

1000 and 2000 Hour designs for the Boise gang based on the new Skull Banger patch.

190thnvg.jpg (12288 bytes) 188 FW A-10
Size: 4"
Price: $9.00

New patch for Ft Smith having now converted to the A-10.